Spring 2016

My classes for this quarter:

  • MATH 136
  • CSE 311
  • HONORS 398A
  • CSE 499 (research)
  • CSE 590Y

A few miscellaneous snapshots from the quarter:

  • Admiring the cherry trees in the Quad.
  • Participating in a fire drill one morning before math class.
  • Noticing that the class bell on the second floor of Loew is louder than the fire alarm…
  • Watching someone fly a drone above Red Square.
  • Meeting group project peers at Foster Library.
  • Being asked if I was interested in being a TA for CSE 311.
  • Expanding my knowledge of LaTeX.
  • Writing figure captions late in the evening while my research group worked to submit a paper to a conference.
  • Observing that the number of students reclining on the HUB lawn is positively correlated with the temperature.

And as a literal snapshot, here’s a photo of the grad student I work with taking a photo of one of the security professors taking a photo of the other security professor taking a selfie while wearing the HoloLens that the lab just got this quarter: