Winter 2016

My classes for this quarter:

A few miscellaneous snapshots from the quarter:

  • Running into friends while getting lunch at the HUB.
  • Seeing the earthworms come out on a rainy day.
  • Getting a big new whiteboard!!
  • Emailing my TA at 2am and actually getting a response within an hour.
  • Passing two ducks on the walkway on my way to class one morning.
  • Earning 100% on a math midterm I’d studied hard for.
  • Discussing (and laughing about) a Heisenbug with the grad student I collaborate with on research.
  • Wishing my math classmates Happy Pi Day on the morning of the final.
  • Sleeping in past noon the day after my last exam.

And as a literal snapshot, here’s a photo of a whiteboard doodle from the Security and Privacy research lab: