Autumn 2017

My classes for this quarter:

  • CSE M 584
  • MATH 324
  • BIOL 180
  • CSE 498 (research)

A few miscellaneous snapshots from the quarter:

  • Learning that Spanish moss was used during the early 1900s to stuff car seats.
  • Meeting a social studies major in my math class.
  • Checking out whiteboard markers in Odegaard before the CSE 311 peer tutoring meetings I ran.
  • Getting BibTeX to work as I intended! Twice!
  • Seeing it snow before Thanksgiving (a rarity for Seattle).
  • Learning how lockpicking works during a computer security TA section (hooray for Security Mindset!).
  • Meeting my biology professor’s service-dog-in-training when he brought her to lecture.
  • Browsing Wikipedia’s catalogue of the many species of tree kangaroo.
  • Emailing Neal Koblitz as part of my group’s CSE 484/584 final project on elliptic curve crypto, and getting a friendly response answering our questions!
  • Participating in an improv comedy team-building event with the security lab I’m a part of.
  • Eating fancy hors d’oeuvres and running into friends at CSE’s Topping Out Ceremony for the new building.

And as a literal snapshot, here’s a photo of a batik-patterned pen I got from the UW Indonesian Students’ Association during an outreach of theirs at the HUB: