Spring 2017

My classes for this quarter:

  • CSE 351
  • STAT 391
  • PHYS 123
  • CSE 590Y
  • CSE 499 (research)
  • MATH 480 (auditing)

A few miscellaneous snapshots from the quarter:

  • Running into my HONORS 205 professor in the Gould Hall coffee shop.
  • Volunteering as a mentor for the CSE spring welcome night, and then being CSE 351 classmates with one of the new students I’d mentored.
  • Virtually inhabiting CSE room 403 during an intense period of research work.
  • Discussing lab furniture rearrangements with the rest of the security research lab, รก la graph paper doodles.
  • Spending hours diagnosing an SVM that wouldn’t converge on a solution before realizing I needed to standardize the predictors.
  • Presenting in the Undergraduate Research Symposium two days before getting on a plane to the Bay Area.
  • Getting published and attending my first conference!!!
  • Running into an acquaintance from my internship last summer.
  • Seeing Drumheller Fountain being emptied for maintenance.
  • Achieving a personal best for the PHYS 123 final exam.

And as a literal snapshot, here’s a photo of the springtime blossoms between MGH and Suzzallo (I walked by here quite often this quarter):