Winter 2017

My classes for this quarter:

A few miscellaneous snapshots from the quarter:

  • Building a big snowman the day before the start of classes.
  • Attending CSE 312 lectures sandwiched between the two lecture sections of CSE 332, and as a result regularly running into a lot of TAs I know.
  • Finding two nickels one day, and keeping them in my jacket pocket for the rest of the quarter.
  • Learning a research paper I co-authored was accepted to a conference!!!
  • Seeing the construction work near MolES evolve over the quarter via the many times I walked past it on my way to the physics building.
  • Running into a classmate from Math 13x and deeply missing the series.
  • Having one of my professors postpone a midterm at the last minute.
  • Passing a flock of Canada geese on my way past Drumheller Fountain.
  • Enjoying CSE’s 50th Anniversary celebration from the fourth floor balcony.
  • Stopping by Suzzallo CafĂ© one last time before it closed for renovation.

And as a literal snapshot, here’s a photo of some geese walking atop a frozen-over Drumheller Fountain: